Chrissy Teigen asks Biden to unfollow her on Twitter

Last Modified: Mar 1, 2021

Chrissy Teigen is humbled by President Biden who has followed her on Twitter. On Tuesday she begged the President to unfollow her on Twitter, claiming she loves the commander in chief — but she needs to “flourish.”

“I have tweeted a handful of times since my treasured @POTUS following,” wrote the supermodel. “In order for me to flourish as me, I must ask you to please lord unfollow me. I love you!!! It’s not you it’s me!!!!’’


She was blocked by former President Donald Trump on Twitter in 2017 after she trolled him and finally tweeted, “lol no one likes you”. She is now followed by Biden last month. Teigen in turn excitedly tweeted, “OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!”

It is still unclear why the mom of two wanted to be unfollowed by the president, who currently follows just a dozen handles.

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